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CCI in Linköping

The CCI of Linökping is very spread out over a large area of the city. There are basically two conclusions on the location. Most part of the branches is concentrated to the central city parts and the second is that many companies are spread out in the outskirts of the city. Many companies in the suburbs of Linköping are home offices as a conclusion the housing area adresesses. These companies consist of probably few employees or only self-employed people.

The art galleries of Linköping are located in a very central position and situated on specific street addresses; Ågatan, Hunnebergsgatan and Apotekaregatan. In Linköping there are commonSWOT Urban Creative Poles49faschion stores like H&M and fashion retail chains as in every Swedish city. Very few unique fashinon stores or fashion boutiques exists. A few second-hand stores for fashion extists with different focus on quality or alternative fashion. No music stores selling music CD exists any more because of the dominant digital music market.

The third places we choose to present are the “Handicraft district” at Storgatan with shop, handicraft education, gallery and other cultural evetns, the recently opened café “Babettes kafferi” whith art exhibitions and music conserts for the young people of Linökping. At the design-cooperation of “Sandbäcksgatan 2A” is a meeting-point for 6 CCI entrepreneurs in architecture, landscape architecture, fashion design, tailoring, glass design and artistic ironwork.

The SWOT-analysis

In the project all regions gathered groups of actors to conduct a SWOT-analysis. To select banches to participate in the SWOT-groups we consulted the first statistics off CCI in Linköping provided by municipality of Linköping. We picked the banches that had the most empoyees; since we got that information first. We thought it was an indicator that they were well established in the city. There are two branches in Linköping that have a lot of employees that we did not choose for the SWOT-analysis gorups. The pressmarket have a lot of employees but it consists of one very big actor so it was not interesting to look at on an entrepreneuriel level. The advertising market also has many employees but consists of quite big companies and we would not be able to support them in the project.Then we started to look for people that could be interested in participating in a workshop. We were looking for a broad representation from the branch; we wanted both young and old people, small and big companies, instistutions and reasearchers as representatives for the selected branches. Then we started to meet people that had knowledge of the branches and we asked them to give us names of people that could represent the branches in our workshops. We contacted about 15 people for each selected branch, entrepreneurs, established companies and small start ups, institutions, reasearcher (game industry) total among 60 people from the CCI in LInköping was invited by e-mail. Se the SWOT-report from Linköping under downloads.

CCI events

Designers' Open Leipzig 2013

25. - 27. October 2013: Design Festival Leipzig | DESIGNERS´ OPEN - one of the leading German design festivals.

InNova Camp Festival

27-28 September, InNova Camp festival will be organized in Klaipeda by KEDA.


30. August - 01. September 2013 - IBUg Festival for Urban Culture in Germany: a lab for international urban artists and a way of life!

in fashion munich

in fashion munich - trade fair for fashion and accessories on 11th and 12th August 2013 in Munich, Germany

Network partners

Part-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund and European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument)