The UCP project aims at fostering and promoting CCI entreprises in the five participating cities. Therefore marketing activities and events are not only carried out by the UCP partners but also local project ideas from the CCI sector itself are promoted within the project.

This activity starts by the end of 2012.

Cottbus, Germany

One aim of the UCP project is also to support initiatives and events which are set up by local CCI entrepreneurs to increase the visibility of CCI in each city and their networking activities. In summer 2012 the local UCP team made a call for project ideas to that aim. Several very interesting proposals were made and at the end five projects were chosen to be partly supported by the UCP project.

The chosen projects include a variety of topics related to CCI. Eka Orba, a painter from Cottbus, is organizing a series of eventsDer kreative Mensch where creative entrepreneurs from the fields of visual arts, literature, movie making and web design present themselves and their work. The events will also function as networking events in Cottbus. Another project called “artprojekt Cottbus” by Simone Claudia Hamm wants to set up a temporary creative space in an empty shop which functions as a gallery, meeting point and information centre not only for CCI but also for local citizens and tourists. Products by local artists will be on display.

In another project Jens Taschenberger from ZweiHelden develops a concept for a multi-media platform where local CCI can present themselves and get in contact with each other as well as the development of a guide about the local music scene including information on associations, clubs, artists etc. by Cottbuser Musikherbst e.V.. Last but not least the light-artist Jörn Hanitzsch will install a light sculpture in the city centre of Cottbus. The title is „Die Sprache der Hände – Kommunikation ist alles!“.

Linkoping, Sweden

Design expo in Linköping

In the spring of 2013, we plan to organize a spring design event as a "flagship project" in order to promote cultural and creative industries in LinköpingThe concept is to organize the design event for the mentees found in UCP's mentoring program and the new adepts planned to enter the mentoring program in the spring. The design expo can serve as a conclusion to the first mentoring program in the UCP and as a start to the new which certainly is scheduled to start in December 2012 or January 2013. The expo is planned in two steps: first night is a gala evening where buyers and dealers are invited to have a display of products. Day two the expo is open to the public. The idea behind this is to create exclusivity and a curiosity about what is displayed on the first day. Mentees of UCP have the possibility to present, sell and showing off their products. We also plan to invite other members and established designers of the creative industry in Linköping.The target group for the event is professionals, local and regional buyers and dealers and the public. The design expo aims to creating business relationships, business-to-business between exhibitors and retailers and to strengthen networks between entrepreneurs, buyers and citizens of Linköping.The venue for the expo is carried out in several locations centrally located in Linköping.


Klaipeda, Lithuania

Lithuanian - French artists exhibition. Art project "Prestige - Phantasmagoria of These Days“

The exhibition Prestige. Phantasmagoria Now is an invitation to reflect on the concept of prestige and its importance for visual arts. When an artist can be seen as "prestigious"? When his or her work is displayed in venues recognized by a wide audience or when it becomes a part of an elite collection? In short, is prestige independent of personal preferences, mood, or the times? Would this make prestige only a fragile and subjective concept? At the same time an artist cannot be measured only by his or her prestige among the contemporaries.

Why then reflect on the concept in the visual arts context? In visual arts prestige shows how an artist is perceived by the contemporaries, and also reveals the state of the society as a whole. Artists' works that became prestigious reveal society's expectations, phobias, prohibitions, fears, which are thus discovered, sublimated or removed.

The exhibition organized by the Klaipeda Culture Communication Centre presents a comparative study of our two societies - the French and the Lithuanian. It invites us to take a closer look at each other from a new perspective, get to know the other better, and have a more subtle understanding of each other. For this purpose this catalogue will be quite useful - it includes two different interpretations of prestige: one by the Lithuanian Minister of Culture Arunas Gelūnas, the other by Nicolas Bourriaud, Paris Higher National School of Fine Arts director. Two... prestigious names!


Theatre workshop by the methodology of translated book „Schauspielen und das Training des Schauspielers. - Beiträge zur „Method“ by Lee Strasberg.

Klaipeda‘s student actors are being taught by using Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavski (Russian famous actor, theater director) methodology. However, there is a big need of a different knowledge, ideas in the teaching process and until now there was no needed information translated into the Lithuanian language. Translation of the book „Schauspielen und das Training des Schauspielers. - Beiträge zur „Method“ will let the actors to be trained by a new methodology which should give a new approach towards acting process.


Zielona Gora, Poland

One of the planned flagship projects is graffiti which will be painted on chosen buildings in Zielona Gora. The graffiti will brighten up different places in our city and will show the creativity of local artists.

The second project idea of local entrepreneurs is based on photography. The author explains his project intention in the following statement:
“Diane Arbus once described photography as ‘a mystery about a mystery’. We believe that this statement accurately sums up the interest and involvement of various people in the creative arts. We do not believe ‘photography’ simply ‘captures’ the moment. In our mind, it is a medium which ‘releases’ or ‘makes the moment’ available to others to reflect upon. Since we discovered it, we have associated photography with mystery and magic which leaves a lot of room to create messages a photographer wants to communicate.

We are fascinated with photography because it gives us a possibility to record a moment in a multi dimensional way. When taking photographs, we don’t always plan to take particular shots. Instead, we give myself in to the moment to be able to experience what we are attempting to portray. Regardless of whether we work on an editorial, a landscape, or a still life shot, a photograph we take has to become a part of us. Our main desire in taking pictures is to express the ‘feelings’ we have while making a record of something which caught our attention. Our recording of it, though, is never intended to merely portray a ‘form’ we found truly beautiful or amazing for one reason or another. In our mind, photography is a medium capable of communicating powerful messages through the use of moments ‘caught’ on a camera. To us, photography has the power to reveal our inner ‘selves’ to ourselves in a way no other media can.

We also believe that photography offers an artist a tool to test and visualize integration of human beings within their space at any given time. In a way, therefore, photography is the only medium which can capture and record these moments in our lives when we dare to experience the unknown. In this particular case, the function of art is to bring beauty of this moment of elevation and its coming into being the focus it deserves. If captured in a photograph, this moment can be shared and felt over and over again. Our hope is that what we show will ‘have an effect’ on our viewers. By sharing our work with others, we want our artistic ideas to be known, guessed, and commented upon”.

Tartu, Estonia

Tartu will have 2 flagship projects in the framework of Urban Creative Poles.

Tartu Design Week (11.-18.06.2013)

Tartu Design Week will be the CCI highlight of the year in future. We will start the festival this year as a series of different events (lectures, workshops, fairs...) to raise awareness about the importance of design in different aspects of life and hope to engage partners from amongst our entrepreneurs as well as other interested parties (arts and music schools, local community, freelance designers, etc.)

Arts Auction (09.05.2013)

TCCI had already planned to start the tradition of holding international arts auctions but before the start of UCP there were no possibilities to do it. Arts auctions that were organized so far were very small-scale: we organized them only on the local level. With the help of the project we want to expand the scope and take the auctions to another level. The format of an auction has proven to be an excellent way to introduce young artists and new stars to the public both from the artists' and the audience's point of view. We want to take this experience and contribute to  the arts scene not only in Tartu anymore but also in other towns and countries in Europe.



CCI events

Designers' Open Leipzig 2013

25. - 27. October 2013: Design Festival Leipzig | DESIGNERS´ OPEN - one of the leading German design festivals.

InNova Camp Festival

27-28 September, InNova Camp festival will be organized in Klaipeda by KEDA.


30. August - 01. September 2013 - IBUg Festival for Urban Culture in Germany: a lab for international urban artists and a way of life!

in fashion munich

in fashion munich - trade fair for fashion and accessories on 11th and 12th August 2013 in Munich, Germany

Network partners

Part-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund and European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument)