The UCP partners have agreed on a Joint Action Plan for the promotion of innovation in creative industries which is based on the results of the SWOT analyses in the five UCP cities and several meetings of the UCP working group. The heart of the Joint Action Plan is the comparison of the SWOT analyses of the five UCP cities which has been elaborated by the Estonian Institute for Future Studies at Tallinn University (Estonia). It outlines which activities will be implemented to promote CCI on transnational level.

They address the following aspects: capacity building and networking, national and international promotion of CCI and the transfer of knowledge.

The measures which are grouped under the category capacity building and networking (e.g. branch-oriented exchange visits for strong branches in the UCP cities, international summer school, joint meeting of the CCI institutions and associations from all UCP cities), aim at bringing together CCI entrepreneurs from different branches from the five UCP cities to identify possibilities for joint projects as well as to improve professional skills of the entrepreneurs.

As CCI enterprises are usually small-scale companies with a limited marketing budget their possibilities to present their work and products on national and international markets are some-what limited. On the other hand possible clients or companies in search for project partners sometimes have problems in finding those small enterprises. The measures in the category national and international promotion of cultural and creative industries aim at improving the international visibility of CCI entrepreneurs from the different UCP cities and shall help them to find new clients and enlarge their markets. This shall be done e.g. by creating an international company data base or a road show at different fairs and events.

Last but not least the UCP cities are going to generate valuable new knowledge regarding the fostering and promotion of creative industries in medium-sized cities. To make the knowledge durably available, an e-learning tool at the UCP webpage will be elaborated.

In summary the here defined actions shall create a basis for the joint efforts of the UCP partner cities to foster and promote cultural and creative industries and should mark a starting point for cooperation also beyond the project duration.

CCI events

Designers' Open Leipzig 2013

25. - 27. October 2013: Design Festival Leipzig | DESIGNERS´ OPEN - one of the leading German design festivals.

InNova Camp Festival

27-28 September, InNova Camp festival will be organized in Klaipeda by KEDA.


30. August - 01. September 2013 - IBUg Festival for Urban Culture in Germany: a lab for international urban artists and a way of life!

in fashion munich

in fashion munich - trade fair for fashion and accessories on 11th and 12th August 2013 in Munich, Germany

Network partners

Part-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund and European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument)