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Designer's Open 2013

Also this year our designers were participating in the Designer's Open Design Festival 2013 in Leipzig.
2013 11 28

Klaipeda organized the last session of mentoring and coaching program

27 November, 2013 mentoring and coaching session was organized in Klaipeda. 2013 11 27

Design Weekend in Tartu 12-15 December

Tartu Centre for Creative Industries will start with its Christmas programme in the middle of December when Design Weekend is planned to take place. In addition to  the popular 'Clockwork' Design Fair featuring the work of promising young designers as well as well established professionals held on December 14, Design Weekend will also focus on raising awareness about cultural and creative industries in the form of workshops and exhibition openings. 2013 11 15

Focus: Photo

This year's 2nd Tartu Young Art Auction took place on Oct 10 and set its focus on photography. Of 47 pieces of art on sale 25 were sold for almost 6000 euros in total. This autumn's auction will be remembered for the fact that for the first time Tartu Centre for Creative Industries connected arts auction with charity, giving buyers the possibility to donate their purchases to orphanage Käopesa located in Tartu. We were glad to see that this possibility was used more then once! 2013 11 12

3D animation and VFX Networking Forum in Tartu

October 8-9 2013 witnessed the birth of the highlight of Baltic-Nordic 3D animation and VFX professionals of the year: the first BALT/NORD 3D & VFX Networking Forum took place in Tartu! The event was a great success featuring 3D and VFX superstars such as Michael Fink (USA), Mattias Bergbom (Sweden) and many others.
2013 11 12

InNova Camp Festival in Klaipėda

InNova Camp Festival in Klaipeda is over, you  can see the moments of the festival in the movie. 2013 10 18

KREATIV.KOMPAKT. started in Cottbus!

KREATIV.KOMPAKT. started in Cottbus! 2013 10 17

Program for UCP final conference now online!

The preliminary program for our final UCP conference Potentials and Challenges of Cultural and Creative Industries in medium-sized cities is now online! 2013 10 16

Workshop in Klaipeda

27 September the workshop "Klaipeda Old Market scenarios concept"was held. 2013 10 14

Selling and packaging in CCI

East Sweden Region and Urban Creative Poles, invited CCI entrepreneurs to a seminar in collaboration with Almi's Mentoring Program Mentor - Develop Business! The meeting was themed: Price your creativity and will involve pricing and packaging of your service and / or product. 2013 10 10


A new series of small lectures on CCI relevant topics is starting in Cottbus!
2013 10 07

DaWanda Kreativmarkt Cottbus

12. - 13. October 2013: DaWanda Kreativmarkt in Cottbus, a transfer market for unique and unconventional selfmade products. 2013 09 23

Registration for Final Conference is now open!

You can now register for our final conference on November 7th 2013 in Cottbus! 2013 08 26

Call for papers and presentations for UCP final conference!

The UCP Final conference will take place in Cottbus on November 7th 2013. We invite you to share your knowledge with us and participate in our a call for presentations/papers avaible for practitioners and researchers (PhD candidates are welcome!). 2013 08 05

Culture Seeds Event took place in Cottbus

On the 7th of June Cottbus CCI entrepreneurs came together to see what kind of UCP flagship projects have been put to practice in the city. 2013 07 29

Tartu Design Week - overview

Tartu Design Week, organized by Tartu Centre for Creative Industries, took place on June  7-15.  The main aim of the week was to raise awareness about the work of designers living  and/or studying in Tartu, take a look at Tartu as a living environment and talk about the  importance of design in public space. 2013 07 18

SAVE THE DATE - UCP Final Conference in Cottbus 07.11.2013

The UCP project is already in its final phase! Therefore we would already like you to "save the date" for our final conference. 2013 07 03

New call for flagship projects in Cottbus!

The support of 7 so called flaghsip projects in Cottbus was very succesful so a second call for new flagship ideas was published! 2013 06 25


Organized by the UCP Project designers from Sweden, Poland and Germany took part at the 2013 TEXTILE ART BERLIN. 2013 06 20

CULTURE SEEDS event in Cottbus

Several flagship projects in Cottbus have been supported by the UCP project. Now it's time to show the results! 2013 06 05


Want to know about UCP events? Read our newsletter! 2013 06 03

Upcoming coaching in Cottbus

On June 6th and 7th there will be held a coaching by Christoph Backes from Bremen. 2013 06 02

Tartu Design Week, June 7-14

In the course of Tartu Design Week different events will take place in Tartu to

  • introduce the designers and design students active in Tartu;
  • discuss the possibilities of Tartu as a living environment;
  • emphasize the importance of design in city planning.
2013 05 29

ABOUT DESIGN Fair in Gdansk

Entrepreneurs from Zielona Gora and Cottbus participate in the third edition of ABOUT DESIGN Fair in Gdansk. This event took place from 10.05. to 12.05.2013. 2013 05 28

Arts Auction in Tartu Broke Records

Tartu Young Art Auction that was successfully held on May 9, 2013 in the premises of Tartu Centre for Creative Industries. 2013 05 16

[3days] workshop in Cottbus

Another flagship project is starting in Cottbus. The art gallery Fango is holding a workshop which tries to link the local CCI scene with artists and citizens. 2013 05 14

Get-Togther at 3D Innovation Center Berlin

Within the framework of the Pictoplasma Festival european CCI entrepreneurs visited Fraunhofer's 3D Innovation Center in Berlin and had a get-together at the same place. See the complete news and pictures here! 2013 04 24

Videos from DesignExpo

March 15 to 16 2013 Design Expo was organized in Linköping. Around 20 designers from Östergötland and from five designers from Germany and Estonia showed their products.Follow the link to se videos from Design Expo's fashion show at youtube: 2013 04 12

Online business seminar in Klaipeda

Klaipeda mentoring and coaching group participated in the seminar "Creation of online campaign ABC" on 27 th of March 2013. The seminar was lead by Martynas Jokubauskas, CEO of Internet Ideas LTD. 2013 04 05

Conference in Klaipeda

Public conference on Creative Urban Development will be held 17 May, 2013 in Klaipeda. The conference will bring together policy makers across all creative cultural industry levels, creative infrastructure developers, and other stakeholders dealing with Brownfield conversion. UCP project partners will meet with the local creative business community, and anyone who wants to know more about creative infrastructure possibilities in medium size cities. 2013 03 26

Design Expo in Linköping

This weekend UCP organized Linkoping Design Expo as a part of our marketing and roadshow activity in the project. It was also an activity in the mentoringprogramme. 2013 03 18

Brochure "Creative Cottbus - Fine arts and Design"

The New brochure "Creative Cottbus - Fine arts and Design" is out now!
2013 03 14

DesignExpo in the press

Some of the designers meet the press and talks about Design Expo in Linköping 15-16 March. 2013 03 11

Visit of 3D innovation centre and business get-together

From April 11 - 14th several young entrepreneurs from the UCP partner cities get the chance to visit the Pictoplasma Festival in Berlin. The day before the conference a visit of the 3D Innovation Centre in Berlin and a get-together with other entrepreneurs from the 3D Innovation field from Berlin and Brandenburg . 2013 02 27

Presentation of Marketing and Event concept in Cottbus

In the context of the Urban Creative Poles Project the marketing and event concept for creative industries in Cottbus was presented by 4iMedia Agenturgruppe on February 5th. 2013 02 25

Practical seminar in Klaipeda

Klaipeda mentoring and coaching program continues with practical seminars and workshops in 2013. 11 February, 2013 the seminar "10 ways to sell online" will be organized in Klaipeda Science and Technology Park. 2013 02 11

New coachings in Cottbus

The first coachings for 2013 started in Cottbus. 2013 01 24

Graffiti Workshop in Zielona Góra

The Graffiti Workshop took place on 15 December 2012 at the Municipal Nursery No 7 “Kubuś Puchatek” in Zielona Góra. 2012 12 21

Coaching offers in Cottbus

We will start the new year with a series of seminars and workshops on different topics related to creative entrepreneurship! 2012 12 18

Business Plan coaching in Tartu

A 40-hour practical course introducing all the necessary steps to develop a business plan is taking place in Tartu Centre for Creative Industries Oct 18 – Dec 13, 2012.
2012 12 10

Flaship project opens in Cottbus

The temporary art gallery artprojekt.Cottbus opened on Dec 5th 2012. 2012 12 07

December mingle with adepts

In our mentoring program in Linköping we arranged mingle with the adepts int the UCP mentoring programme. 2012 12 05

Read our newsletter!

Now you can read  our latest newsletter and see what's been recently done by project partners. 2012 12 05

More fairs to participate in!

In 2013 UCP project offers the opportunity for CCI entrepreneurs to take part in different fairs and events to present their products and get connected! 2012 11 23

"Zielona Gora Creative Comic Book"

A new initiative in the frame of the „URBAN CREATIVE POLES” project - CCI promotional meeting combined with a workshop on creating a comic about Zielona Gora.   2012 11 23

Seminar "Business Plan For Creative Start-Up"

Participants of Klaipeda mentoring and coaching program will participate in the seminar "Business Plan For Creative Start-Up" 6 December, 2012. 2012 11 22

Networking with Housing Expo

In our mentoring program we arranged a workshop where entrepreneurs met representatives for the Housing Expo in Linköping. 2012 11 21

Entrepreneurs will participate in the seminar "Entrepreneur's personal (company's) efficiency"

Participants of Klaipeda mentoring and coaching program will participate in the seminar "Entrepreneur's personal (company's) efficiency" 27 November, 2012. 2012 11 21


applications for participation in Stockholm Furniture Fair can be turned in till Tuesday Nov 20th 2012! 2012 11 16

Next Flagship Project is starting in Cottbus

The artprojekt Cottbus is opening its temporary galery from Dec 5th till 22nd! 2012 11 13

Day of cooparation

The municipality of Linköping and the University in Linköping arranges on a yearly basis a day of cooperation. 2012 11 05

UCP at Herbstmesse in Cottbus

From Oct 26th till 28th the Cottbus project team presented UCP at the Herbstmesse (fall fair) in Cottbus. 2012 10 29

Entrepreneurship Week in Tartu

From 1 to 6 October Entrepreneurship Week were held in Tartu. Tartu Entrepreneurship Week is organized by Tartu City Government in cooperation with Tartu Centre for Creative Industries, Tartu Science Park, Tartu Business Advisory Services Foundation, professional associations, institutes of higher education, general education schools, vocational schools, businesses and unions. 2012 10 23

Pictures from the Oldtown Market Night

Oldtown Market Night  in Klaipeda was visited by many people. The oldtown market place was crowded with musicians, dancers, painters and other people. Check the pictures to see what it looked like. 2012 10 17

PopUp store at City art Link

Three of our companies involved in the mentoring programme arrenged a PopUp-store at a café during the City art Link festival. 2012 10 17

Cottbus - Flagship projects are starting!

After a call for different project ideas which foster the promotion and networking of CCI in Cottbus, five projects by local CCI entrepreneurs have been chosen which will start in the next weeks! The projects will be supported by the UCP project. 2012 10 15

Linköping mayors debating CCI

The 29:th of september the regional newspaper in East sweden published an debate article that CCI that the mayor had written.Here is the whole article. 2012 10 12

Oldtown Market Night

Klaipeda Economic Development Agency is organizing an artistic provocation at 7.00 p.m. on 13 October, 2012. Various artists will participate in one event in the area of Klaipeda oldtown market. 2012 10 10

Leadership seminar

CCI entrepreneurs from Klaipėda had a practical seminar with famous Lithuanian actor, director and professor Valentinas Masalskis. 2012 10 08

Lunch meeting CCI organized by the Mayor

The Mayor of Linkoping Ann-Cathrine Hjerdt organizes lunch meeting to discuss the development of cultural and creative industries in Linköping. 2012 10 08

Cottbus - call for project ideas is over

The Cottbus partners carried out a call for ideas for project to promote CCI and to strengthen networks between CCI entrepreneurs in Cottbus. 2012 09 26

Cottbus - presentation for members of the Economic Board

On September 12th Prof. Silke Weidner gave a presentation at the Economic Board of the City Council of Cottbus to inform about the current UCP project activities and next steps within the projects.
2012 09 17

Coaching and mentoring workshop "Marketing dynamics. How to control it?"

Today, i.e. 10 September participants of Klaipėda's coaching and mentoring program are gathering to the joint workshop "Marketing dynamics. How to control it?" 2012 09 10

Workshop for local Marketing and Event Concept in Cottbus

On August 29th a joint workshop between the BTU and EGC and different stakeholders from the CCI scene in Cottbus was held to discuss image and visions for the promotion of CCI in Cottbus. 2012 09 03

COTTBUS - Call for project ideas

Projektaufruf Lokale Projekte zur Förderung und Vermarktung der Cottbuser Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft 2012 08 15

Seminar "General knowledge about managing your finances"

25-07-2012 participants of mentoring program in Klaipeda attended the seminar about managing finances. 2012 07 30

The Mayor of Linköping blogs about UCP

The Mayor fo Linkoping, Ann-Cathrine Hjerdt, make a blog post on the development of creative industries in the municipality of Linköping. Follow the link: 2012 07 24

Read our 2nd newsletter!

Our 2nd newsletter is already available! Read it here. 2012 06 19

Busy week in Cottbus

The Cottbus UCP team participated in several meetings and events this week. 2012 06 14


We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) website. 2012 06 11

Presentation of UCP project

6 June, 2012 communication manager of Klaipėda Economic Development Agency Alina Šoparė presented Urban Creative Poles project to the delegation from Szechenyi Istvan University, Gyor, Hungary. 2012 06 07

Watch the video to see 1st CCI Festival in Klaipėda!

During 22-26 May, Klaipėda town  has become the centre of creative industries. Watch the video of this creative week 2012 06 07

6th working group meeting in Klaipeda

The 6th meeting of the UCP working group will be held in Klaipeda on June 1st 2012. 2012 05 22

Student project in Cottbus

New student project with students from Master of Urban and Regional Planning dealing with the spatial, virtual and communicative connection of CCI locations in Cottbus 2012 05 22

Stakeholder workshop

Linköping municipalety and East Sweden Region have arranged two stakeholder workshops i the UCP-project. 2012 05 15

Presentation at the University of Linköping

The project manager presented the Urban Creative poles at the University of Linköping. 2012 05 07

Workshop; The art of selling your heart

2-3 of may we held the workshop: The art of selling your heart. 2012 05 07

Kick off, Mentoring program

In Linköping the mentoring program started at the 19:th of April. In the program we have 20 creative companies that are runned by 23 dedicated entrepreneurs. 2012 04 23

Designers and achitects are welcome to Klaipeda 1st Creative Industries Festival

1st Creative Industries Festival in Klaipeda  will be held 22-26 May, 2012. Design and architecture entrepreneurs  are welcome to participate in the open design workshop “Culture Factory information system and interior creative decisions: trends and versions”. 2012 04 19

Stakeholder workshop, Linköping

Our first stakeholder workshop was performed in the beginning of april. 2012 04 10

Cottbus - work group meetings

On April 17th an open meeting of different local working groups within the UCP project takes place in Cottbus. 2012 03 28

Register your business in company database

International company database is ready to be used. CCI entrepreneurs from Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Sweden are welcomed to register in the database. 2012 03 27

Tartu CCI celebrated its expansion with several events and international conference

Tartu Centre for Creative Industries opened it´s third house on the 13th March. It is an unique wooden house which is also under heritage protection. 2012 03 20

“Creative Zielona Góra – Promotion of Urban Creative Industries”

On 23 February, 2012 at Krzywy Komin in Zielona Góra was held the meeting “Creative Zielona Góra – Promotion of Urban Creative Industries”. 2012 03 12

Cluster Work Group

In Linköping we have created our cluster workgroup which will be a great asset for the project. 2012 03 12

Presentation of UCP-Project in the political committees of Cottbus

On february 15th the lord mayor invited the leadpartner of UCP and the EGC to present the aims of the project, the results of the local SWOT-analysis and the resulting mesures. The project was very appreciated and will be supported by the participants, e.g. by the building department. 2012 03 12

Municipality of Zielona Góra invites CCI entrepreneurs to a meeting titled "Creative Zielona Góra - Promotion of Urban Creative Industries"

Municipality of Zielona Góra invites CCI entrepreneurs to a meeting titled "Creative Zielona Góra - Promotion of Urban Creative Industries". 2012 03 12

Meeting with the Mayor of Linköping

In the Town Hall on January 11th the project manager had a meeting with Mayor of Linköping in order to inform about the project and the outcome of the local swot analysis. 2012 01 26

Local facebook page for UCP in Cottbus

The UCP project in Cottbus now has its own facebook page!
2012 01 25

New CCI cluster in Klaipėda, Lithuania

Klaipeda Economic Development Agency is happy to present the newest result of our project. Klaipeda Region Association of Creative Industries was established. 2012 01 20

1st Newsletter

We are happy to present our first newsletter! You can find information about our already carried out activities and the next planned events.  You can dowload the newsletter here. 2011 12 29

Meeting with councilors

30 November 2011 in the Town Hall in Zielona Gora met representatives  of Project Partners (Municipality of Zielona Gora and University  of Zielona Gora) with town councilors. During the meeting a concept of the URBAN CREATIVE POLES project, its outcomes and objectives were presented. 2011 12 12

Results of the Opening Conference in Zielona Góra

All projekts' partners, local government, experts of CCI met at the Opening Conference in Zielona Góra. 2011 11 15

Results of the conference "Creative Entrepreurship for a Competetive Economy"

Most of the  Urban Creative Poles project partners (partners from Germany, Estonia, Lithuania) attended the international conference "Creative Entrepreurship for a Competetive Economy" in Tallin, Estonia. 2011 11 02

Opening Conference in Zielona Góra

His Magnificence Rector of  University of Zielona Góra Professor Czesław Osękowski and Mayor of Zielona Góra Msc. Janusz Kubicki have the pleasure of inviting you for the Scientific Conference and Workshops Urban Creative Poles Project. The conference will be held at Hotel Qubus, 14a Ceglana Street in Zielona Góra from 8-9th November 2011. The aim of this conference is  the exchange of ideas and opinions about creative industry development in twin cities of Urban Creative Poles Project: Cottbus, Tartu, Klaipeda, Linköping, Zielona Gora. 2011 10 26

Summer Academy in Cottbus

12-16 August, 2011young entrepreneurs and university students from Cottbus, Zielona Gora, Klaipeda, Tartu and Linkoping discussed and worked together to promote creative industries sector in their home cities. Now all the participants are back at home. You can see the moments from their initiative here. 2011 08 25

Creative industries in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Annual review of creative industries in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in 2011 has already been published.The review can be downloaded here. 2011 08 23

Summer school in Cottbus, Germany

  • 12-16 August, 2011 25 university students  and young entrepreneurs in creative industries from Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany will come together to  propose new and innovative approaches for the promotion of creative industries. The summer academy will be hosted by the Lead partner (Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus).
2011 07 29

CCI events

Designers' Open Leipzig 2013

25. - 27. October 2013: Design Festival Leipzig | DESIGNERS´ OPEN - one of the leading German design festivals.

InNova Camp Festival

27-28 September, InNova Camp festival will be organized in Klaipeda by KEDA.


30. August - 01. September 2013 - IBUg Festival for Urban Culture in Germany: a lab for international urban artists and a way of life!

in fashion munich

in fashion munich - trade fair for fashion and accessories on 11th and 12th August 2013 in Munich, Germany

Network partners

Part-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund and European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument)