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How to develop a creative Linköping

We all thrive on creativity. Creating with your hands, by power of thought, or at the keyboard is good for the soul. But the role of creativity does not stop here. On the contrary, creativity will be even more central in the future, as innovation and flexibility are likely to become all the more important success factors.

Therefore, Linköping has in earnest taken on the challenge of creating first-rate conditions for practitioners and entrepreneurs within the cultural and creative industries. We are working with determination and purpose to offer suitable locations and conditions to facilitate entrepreneurship within these areas. But it is also about creating the right climate; people must be permitted to venture and even fail in order to finally succeed.

Is Linköping really a creative city? With the culture festival City Ark Link still fresh in our memory, the answer must be yes. The festivities last weekend demonstrate what a simmering pot of locally produced creative power we have here.

On the other hand, we can become better at safeguarding the creative drives and passions represented by practitioners and entrepreneurs within art and culture. Our industrial and technological heritage is a great advantage, but we must optimise our resources by adding creativity to our technological skills. The cultural and creative sector includes not only art, design, architecture, handicrafts and dramatic art, but also the development of computer games and film production. In 2010, there were around 1,000 active companies within this sector. This represents 10 per cent of all companies in the city. When it comes to newly started companies, some 20 per cent were within the cultural and creative sector the same year. Everything points to this being a growing sector and it should therefore be clearly prioritised.

Linköping is preparing to meet this development. A tangible example is the EU project Urban Creative Poles, where we participate together with cities with similar population size in Germany, Poland, Estonia and Lithuania. The cooperation is based on the exchange of experience and inspiration, with the aim to make Linköping a more attractive and creative city. A concrete result of our work so far is the mentorship programme that now exists for local creative entrepreneurs.

The key is to create the right conditions that allow small companies to grow, set up professional networks and build business relationships. We are still at the beginning of this importantl journey. Be sure that we will work hard to continue this development.


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