In the course of the UCP project all project partners jointly develop and test innovative approaches of urban renewal where potentials of creative industries are used for a city area's development. The pilot projects will start by the end of 2012.


Concept for usage

The building at 3 Wazów Street has not been used for several years and needs general renovation. This place could be used for organisation of CCI entrepreneurs meetings, trainings and conferences as well as for exhibitions.


Address: 3 Wazów Street, Zielona Góra.

The building is situated in the park area named “Park Tysiąclecia” (“Millennium Park”), near the Municipality of Zielona Góra, the University of Zielona Góra and the city centre.


Tartu pilot project will address the near environment of the complex of Tartu Centre of Creative Industries, aiming at framework condition that lead to expand social capacities of the centre with regards to its urban neighbourhood. The investment shall lead to the establishment of a creative working environment where creative enterprises can interact with non-commercial cultural initiatives, leading to cross-fertilisation effects and cross-financing. The following work will be carried out un the framework of the project:

·       Detail drawing for the renovation of the venues, for interior design of the rooms and the furniture;

·        Renovation of the venues, together with renovation of roof, windows, doors and the interior works which are needed to open up the rooms;

·       Order of the furniture, equipment and 3D technology.


Creation of information system and partial interior elements for creative incubator in reconstructed tobacco factory (“Cultural factory”)

The main investment activities for construction works:

  1. Design projects, logo and drawings,   3D visualization;
  2. Creation and/or purchasing of original furniture;
  3. Creation of artistic lighting and other art object for reception;

Producing of information tools&notes, bicycle parking equipment, signboard, etc.

“Cultural factory” will be only one such kind of creative incubator in Klaipeda region and have ambition to became a famous regional and national centre for art innovation and creative industries business. In “Cultural factory” premises will be concentration of different kind of international festivals events, networking workshops, creative industries conferences and projects. There will be also developed and offered  a arts residencies/co-working places for foreign creators (modern dancing, theatre, movies makers, designers) as well business hubs for creative industries entrepreneurs’. Investment to innovative interior design solution and concept will demonstrated activities of incubator, new technologies, synergy between different  subsectors of CCI and will help to create better branding of CCI location by attracting clients and partners to cosy and smart building.


Urban cultural district and creative networks in Linköping

The concept of the pilot project of Linköping aims to develop an urban district to a venue and to develop the conditions for existing and new networks of the CCI in Linköping.The SWOT workshops stressed the need to make the CCI more visible and expressed a lack of a creative arena and venue combined with exhibitions space. A venue where the young and old actors could meet and where professional networks could be active and developed. In the handicraft district the cultural network of City Art Link has its regular meetings during the year and the UCP mentoring program has its meetings and seminar in the same area.During the spring, two stakeholder workshops were conducted with politicians, architects and property owners of the handicraft district. The workshops focused on a joint action plan how to develop a common statategy among the three property owners of the district.The outcome of the stakeholder workshop was a joint vision plan for the district. We made separate interviews with the property owners and compiled the information in the document in chronological order, from present days to 10 years into the future.


CCI events

Designers' Open Leipzig 2013

25. - 27. October 2013: Design Festival Leipzig | DESIGNERS´ OPEN - one of the leading German design festivals.

InNova Camp Festival

27-28 September, InNova Camp festival will be organized in Klaipeda by KEDA.


30. August - 01. September 2013 - IBUg Festival for Urban Culture in Germany: a lab for international urban artists and a way of life!

in fashion munich

in fashion munich - trade fair for fashion and accessories on 11th and 12th August 2013 in Munich, Germany

Network partners

Part-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund and European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument)